Saturday, June 12, 2010

Want longer lashes and thicker brows? For all of you who are follicle challenged, you will love my new product! Lash and brow enhancer that really works. Since using it for about 5 weeks, my lashes which were pitiable  now hit my glasses and the reviews are fabulous!

Here are a few;

Wow! after only 3 weeks I can see a difference in my brows and lashes.

This stuff is great, I bought it for my son's girlfriend also and she is seeing results too.

Thanks for awesome products.

I have been using the Brow and Lash Serum for just about a month and there is a definite thickening and darkening of my eyebrows and some growth of my upper lashes. I'm so delighted that at the age of 65, I might be getting the "Brooke Shields" brows I used to have back .

I'll be trying more of your products.

Thank you,


This stuff really works!! I had completely lost the outter half of my left brow...age, I guess. Yesterday, after about 8 weeks of use, I actually had to do some plucking at the outside edge of my brow!!! Not only do I have full brows again, my lashes are longer as well. Some mornings I forget that I have brows again and start to pencil in...and then quickly realize it's not necessary.
And unlike Latisse at $150.00, my Lash and Brow serum is only $29.95.
Try it and you will love the results!

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