Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spring time soaps!

I have had a creative week! New soap and the house smells gorgeous. One very special soap is made from oils fro my jasmine which is blossoming right now, the whole backyard has the most beautiful scent. I gathered the blossoms and macerated them in olive oil for 3 weeks, so all the goodness and fragrance went into the oil, then made the most lovely soap out of it. Very simple, just a plain bar, but full of the most amazing ingredients like cream and vitamin E and Shea butter.

Another gorgeous soap I just made is my Morning Grapefruit bar. This is a wake-you-up soap and great for men or women, grapefruit is a scent that is loved by all.

And lastly, my rose topped soap. This is a very special absolutely lovely soap either as something gorgeous for yourself, or as a gift for someone you love. A beautiful soap filled with fresh cream and olive oil, and topped with sweet dried rosebuds.

Check put my website for these gorgeous soaps and more.

Spring ios in the air so there will be many more delightful scented soaps to come!


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